"Blake of All Trades"


Blake Gordon’s love of drama and acting began when he entered chorus in High School.  The experience he gained from being on stage with chorus allowed him at age 14 to entered the school’s talent contest where he performed Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Second Declamation Honoring Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein of Gelderland” from A Knight’s Tale on stage to an appreciative  audience full of his teachers, peers, and their parents.

Blake joined the school’s drama club and began helping on various performances, taking roles as extras whenever he could, and helping with stage set ups in between. That’s when he fell in love with the flexibility of secondary character roles.  After applying for and receiving a secondary role in the school’s production of Guys and Dolls, his teacher asked why he wasn’t trying out for starring roles, he replied, “You need the stars of course, but character acting seems more flexible, besides there’s always work for character actors and extras.”

Since then he’s been working on improving his skills, including teaching himself how to juggle with everything from tennis balls to miniatures, learning piano and guitar, and improving his Japanese.  Seeing dressing as various characters as a sort of free form acting, Blake has become involved in cosplay, taking on the personas of such characters as Tamaki (voiced by Vic Mignogna) and Mori from Ouran High School, and Reno from Final Fantasy VII at various conventions. After meeting Vic at a convention, he became interested in voice over work and has been teaching himself to stretch the range and emotion of his voice.

Most recently, he was cast as a zombie extra in the AMC television series the Walking Dead.